Life Minder Testimonial


Hi John,
Your Life Minder Personal Alarm has given me back my freedom. I was diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy called multi-focal dysplasia when I was 11 years old, as you can imagine it was devastating to be told this as a teenager.

This condition causes me to have absence and at times Tonic Clonic seizures. I have medication morning and night but my seizures are not usually controlled. If I was to go to a party at any age someone had to know what might happen therefore most likely ruining their time and mine. Putting me in a position that makes me seem constantly in need. Having the Life Minder allows me to go places by myself without worrying that I might get stuck in a situation that I cannot get out of by contacting a family member or a friend by the simple press of a button. 
I recommend the use of the Life MInder to anybody that suffers from Epilepsy and wants to become independent. 

Alice Hamilton - Queensland